The Big Girl Dog Diaper
The Big Girl Dog Diaper
The Big Girl Dog Diaper
The Big Girl Dog Diaper
The Big Girl Dog Diaper
The Big Girl Dog Diaper

The Big Girl Dog Diaper

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This dog diaper is designed specifically to fit a Saint Bernard. The “Big Girl Dog Diaper” will help keep your dog and your house clean when your big girl is in heat or has bladder problems due to a health issue or aging. The diaper is decorated with a cute skirt, so your dog can wear it in public without attracting concerned looks. Inside the diaper is a washable highly absorbent maxi-pad that sits snuggly around the lady parts and makes cleaning after accidents one less thing to worry about.

Product Features

  • Fits a Saint Bernard
  • Built-in absorbent pad with a waterproof layer
  • No additional pads necessary
  • Breathable: 100% cotton with flannel lining
  • Large tail opening
  • Catches liquid, solid, and periodic accidents
  • Velcro closure, fits snugly around the lady parts
  • Helps keep your dog and your house clean
  • For use during urinary incontinence, bladder problems, dog period, etc.
  • Great for older distinguished dogs
  • Bitches britches for dogs who are in heat 
  • The whole diaper is machine washable
  • Made in Seattle, WA

How to Put the Diaper on Your Dog

  1. Distract the dog with a treat
  2. Gently put the tail through the diaper hole
  3. Rotate the diaper so that the part with the logo is on top
  4. Slide the thick section of the diaper with Velcro handles between back legs and up to the belly
  5. Attach Velcro straps to the top of the diaper on both sides so that the diaper is wrapping the dog at the waistline
  6. Make sure the fit is snug but comfortable
  7. Reward with a treat

" Truly - this is life changing for her and me both. You have no idea the stress you’ve taken off of me with this!”

“It’s absolutely adorable! And she doesn’t seem to mind wearing it at all.” 


Story of the Big Girl Diaper

Luna’s friend G-the-Saint-Bernard struggles with periodic seizures and this has been a difficult journey for G and her pawrent. Finding a way to keep G clean but also comfortable has been the inspiration for this product. The goal was to create a diaper that can be worn all day inside and outside in public. G is a very fashion-forward girl, so it was also important for the diaper to look presentable. After a few iterations G’s hooman and I arrived at this design and I would like to offer it to my customers.



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