Dog Rain Jacket Orange
Dog Rain Jacket Orange
Dog Rain Jacket Orange

Dog Rain Jacket Orange

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 Product Features

  • The dog jacket opens up in front with a Velcro and you can adjust the fit on the neck, if needed.
  • A strap around the belly closes with a buckle and the fit can be easily adjusted. 
  • The rain jacket is held in place on the tail end with 2 elastics through which your dog puts the back legs. This ensures the jacket does not slip to the side when the dog walks or runs.
  • There is an opening on top for the leash.
  • Designed specifically for medium and large dogs with long hair.

    ===Sizing Guide==
    S: American Eskimo
    M: Small Samoyed, Border Collie, Irish Setter
    L: Large Samoyed (65lb+)
    XL: Saint Bernard