Dog Rain Jacket - CUSTOM

Dog Rain Jacket - CUSTOM

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 This jacket is made to order and usually take ~2 weeks to ship.

Before purchasing this item please confirm with us that we have the materials and the ability to execute on your vision within the required timeframe.

If you are interested in placing a custom order, please email or ping us via your preferred social media channel. We are happy to discuss ideas or answer any product questions you might have.

Product Features (if not specified otherwise)

  • The dog jacket opens up in front with a buckle so you can adjust the fit on the neck, if needed. The strap around the belly closes with a buckle and the fit can be easily adjusted. 
  • The rain jacket is held in place on the tail end with 2 elastics through which your dog puts the back legs. This ensures the jacket does not slip to the side when the dog walks or runs.
  • There is one opening on top for the leash.