Dog Pants "Slush Pants"
Dog Pants "Slush Pants"
Dog Pants "Slush Pants"
Dog Pants "Slush Pants"
Dog Pants "Slush Pants"
Dog Pants "Slush Pants"
Dog Pants "Slush Pants"
Dog Pants "Slush Pants"
Dog Pants "Slush Pants"
Dog Pants "Slush Pants"
Dog Pants "Slush Pants"
Dog Pants "Slush Pants"
Dog Pants "Slush Pants"
Dog Pants "Slush Pants"
Dog Pants "Slush Pants"

Dog Pants "Slush Pants"

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These Slush Pants are a great time saver if you and your fluffy dog live in a wet climate. Imagine taking your Samoyed, or an American Eskimo, or a Border Collie on a walk after rain and not having to clean the dog afterwards! These bottom half dog pants will keep your dog's fluffy belly and legs clean while they run through dirty puddles. The pant legs have reinforced hemmed edges that can be rolled up or down to accommodate different leg length and walk styles. This makes the pants easy to put on and wash. 


The pants are made from durable ripstop polyester coated with polyurethane that makes the fabric waterproof and able to dry in a short amount of time.

"This fabric performed well when Gabby walked , ran full speed, and tumbled in dirt, grass and sand." -  from a Tester's report.


Product Features

  • Fits large breeds
  • Covers chest, stomach, and legs
  • Bathroom opening: a cut out for the dog to do business
  • Three adjustable straps to hold pants in place
  • Machine washable and durable
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Adjustable legs length
  • Easy to put on
  • Made in Seattle, WA


How to Put Pants on Your Dog

Invest 2-3 minutes before the walk to save 30-60 minutes (plus your couch) after the walk!


  1. Open up all 3 buckles
  2. Distract the dog with a treat
  3. Put front legs through and close the front buckle
  4. Close middle buckle
  5. Put back legs thru and close the back buckle
  6. Reward with a treat

"These track pants are a life saver. They keep my Sammy's undercoat and legs completely dry, they're easy to put on her, they are adjustable, which means she can move freely in them. We combine them with the jacket and they have worked perfectly during the recent California rainstorms. Plus, my girl looks adorable as all get out in them. Thank you so much!"



"We’re so thrilled with our purchase. They’re exactly as represented and fit perfectly and are well constructed Happy dog and happy mama after rainy and wet walks. Highly recommend!"



Story of the Dog Pants

I created these dog pants for my Samoyed Luna. We live in Seattle and on a rainy day, she takes no time to coat her fluffy snow-white legs and belly in dirt. Tired of washing her, I was determined to figure out a way to keep Luna clean while allowing her much needed play time. If you live nearby, you might have met us in a dog park or a hiking trail with Luna sporting one of her numerous outfits. She personally tests each new design I create to make sure they are comfortable for other dogs.



 Customer Review



Email to I'm the owner of the store and normally respond within 24 hours.  Nadia


===Sizing Information==
S: American Eskimo
M: Small Samoyed, Border Collie
L: Large Samoyed (70lb+)
XL: Saint Bernard