Bath Robe
Bath Robe

Bath Robe

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===== ANNOUNCEMENT ======

Please email me before purchasing that item to make sure I have the fleece that you like. I make all bath robe to order and now fabric options are limited.


This doggy bath robe from highly absorbent ZORB(c) fabric will help your extra furry baby dry faster. After drying your dog with a towel, put the bath robe on for 20-30 minutes to let the rest of the moisture absorb into the robe. Then wash the bath robe. ZORB fabrics is used to make re-usable diapers. Your can read more about that fabric here:
I'm using ZORB as the inner lining and the top is made of fleece.

===Sizing Information==
S: American Eskimo
M: Small Samoyed, Border Collie
L: Large Samoyed (55lb+)
XL: Saint Bernard