I’ve decided to permanently close my dog clothing business starting February 28th 2022

I am immensely grateful to over 500 customers from the US, Canada, Europe, and even Australia, who supported my passion for making custom dog clothing. During the last 4 years I shipped more than 1,600 orders. Of course this would not have been possible without an amazing team of seamstresses who helped scale production and refined my designs. Also it would not have been possible without many of my friends who helped me with kind words and  advice, volunteered as models and photographers, taught me how to interact with customers, how to plan inventory, and so much more. And most importantly, all of this would not have been possible without Luna - the inspiration for the brand and a full time dog model. 

When I first opened the online store in March 2017 I couldn’t have imagined how fun, difficult, educational, and exhausting it would be to own a manufacturing & retail business! 

  • I took thousands of photos.
  • I learned how to create websites.
  • I stabbed myself with scissors (by accident).
  • I got up at 5.30AM almost every day.
  • I went to the houses of complete strangers to measure their dogs.
  • I studied address formatting rules of various European countries.
  • I cried when I learned a customer’s dog passed away.
  • I read books about marketing, copywriting, people management, and manufacturing.
  • I spend time recording and editing numerous silly videos, I even installed TikTok.
  • I met a lot of wonderful people who are now my friends.
  • I had the privilege of having sewing skills, equipment, and material to make face masks in 2020.
  • I laughed so hard when a customer ordered an outfit for a “4 year old” and when I asked “what breed” she said “human”.

This year I realized I want to do something else. I’m not sure what it is yet, but probably something equally fun, difficult, educational, and exhausting.



Q: Do you accept custom orders?
A: I do not accept custom orders at this time. However, if this is a minor customization of an existing product, please reach out and I might be able to accommodate your request.

Q: What happens if I have a question about your product after your store is closed?
A: Reach out to me via Instagram @furry_couture. I will keep it active until December 2022.

Q: What is Luna going to do now that she is no longer a Furry Couture model?
A: Luna will continue being a dog. She will remain a neighborhood fashion icon and maintain her status as the best-dressed floofer.

Q: Can we still be friends after you close the store?
A: Of course! Why are you asking such silly questions?!

Q: Where would I buy outfits for my dog now???
A: Try Etsy or Amazon.

Q: Would you be willing to sell your business and the brand?
A: Maybe. Reach out to me and let’s talk.